How to Develop a Definite Major Purpose

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Every time I read something from Napoleon Hill I am amazed at how profound his words are, even today!

I wanted to share with this excerpt with you with the intention that it get a fire burning in you and you’ll take massive action today.

“This procedure in the development of a Definite Major Purpose is simple, but important, viz:

(a) Write out a complete, clear and definite statement of your Major Purpose in Life, sign it and commit it to memory. Then repeat it orally at least once every day, more often if practicable. Repeat it over and over, thus placing back of your purpose all of your faith in Infinite Intelligence.

(b) Write out a clear, definite plan by which you intend to begin the attainment of the object of your Definite Major Purpose. In this plan state the maximum time allowed for the attainment of your purpose, and describe precisely what you intend to give in return for the realization of your purpose, remembering that there is no such reality as something for nothing, and that everything has a price which must be paid in advance in one form or another.

(c) Make your plan flexible enough to permit changes at any time you are inspired to do so. Remember that Infinite Intelligence, which operates in every atom of matter and in every living or inanimate thing, may present you with a plan far superior to any you can create. Therefore be ready at all times to recognize and adopt any superior plan that may be presented to your mind.

(d) Keep you Major Purpose and your plans for attaining it strictly to yourself except insofar as you will receive additional instructions for carrying out your plan, in the description of the Master Mind Principle, which follows.

Do not make the mistake of assuming that because you may not understand these instructions the principles here described are not sound. Follow the instructions to the letter; follow them in good faith, and remember than by so doing you are duplicating the procedure of many of the greatest leaders this nation has ever produced.

The instructions call for no effort that you may not easily put forth.

They make no demands upon time or ability with which the average person may not comply.

And they are completely in harmony with the philosophy of all true religions.

Decide now what you desire from life and what you have to give in return. Decide where you are going and how you are to get there. Then make a start from where you now are to get there. Then make a start from where you now stand. Make the start with whatever means of attaining your goal that may be at hand. And you will discover that to the extent you make use of these, other and better means will reveal themselves to you.

That has been the experience of all men whom the world has recognized as successes. Most of them started with humble beginnings with little more to aid them than a passionate desire to attain a definite goal.

There is enduring magic in such a desire!”

(Source: The Master Key to Riches. Fawcett Crest Book. 1965. Pgs. 41 & 42.)

The MSI (mental strength idea) that I took away from this is:

Decide now what you desire from life and what you have to give in return.”

Read this again….it’s not think about, guess or hope…it’s decide what you desire!  This takes a commitment and many of us are so afraid to comment to something in case we don’t get it (I talked about this in a previous post).

But here’s the real biggie…decide what you’ll give in return.  WOW!!  Not many success principles talk about this these days.  We all hear about attracting our success, but no one asks what are you willing to give in return?  

To generate peak personal performance you have know exactly what you want AND what you are willing to give in return….success is a two-way street.

So go ahead and take out some paper and start writing.  Sure it will take some soul searching and mental strength to write out a complete, clear and definite statement of your Major Purpose in Life, sign it and commit it to memory.  But ask yourself this….”If I don’t, how can I expect my life to really change?’

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  1. Very well said! Thanks for the comment.

  2. Most people do not have a major purpose and are not willing to go the extra mile to attain what they desire.Its like a rectangle-you have a desire for something then have the faith that it is possible,back these two with action which will creat more desire…..

  3. Hi Alex!
    Thanks for the comment and I know exactly how you feel 🙂

    I’m getting ready to host my private, personal, one-on-one, Warriors Quest this weekend with a person just like you. How about this…I’ll send you an e-book about life’s purpose. Read through it over the weekend. Then send me a note on Sunday when a good and time to talk next week is.

    I KNOW I can assist you, just like I have others before you 🙂

    Thanks again for reaching out.

  4. hi gregg, i’m having challenges figuring out what my definite aim of purpose is. That has always been my issue with nepoleon’s work. I completely believe in everything he says…. How do I find out what my definite aim of purpose is? I know thats a big question that would probably take several coaching sessions…. but I’m at a loss and I’ve been thinking on this for over a year…. I get a good idea… then another one, then i think that would be nice, and what about that one, and it keeps going….. i’m genuinely interested in all things…. when it comes down to it, do i just pick a path and stick to it? thanks gregg

  5. Thanks Julia for the question. To question is to prompt a person to consider things like, how much time, are you willing to give up your weekends, going to the movies…basically, how much energy are you willing to put into your goal to make it happen. Most people aren’t willing to put in the energy need to accomplish their goal. This question has you reflect on how much energy are you willing to invest and is it enough?

  6. I don’t understand what is meant by what are you willing to give in return? I need examples or something more concrete.

  7. This article is a great help to me! Thank you!

  8. Thanks for reading the post and the great comment Hulbert! Like you, every time I read any of Napoleon Hill’s material I always get inspired.

  9. Hi Gregg, I came across your blog from Steve Aitchinson’s Change Your Thoughts blog. This post caught my eye because Think and Grow Rich by Napoleon Hill was a book that really influenced me too. I don’t recall exactly what chapter it was, but I remember him talking about deciding what we desire and deciding what we need to give in return. There were two parts to it, not just one, and I’m glad you emphasized that here because success is about providing value for each other. I actually written a post on it on Steve’s website, but I don’t know where it went. Anyway, good job! I subscribed to your RSS feed. Looking forward to your future posts. 🙂

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