5 Great Quotes about The Nature of Your Personal Reality

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Jane Roberts
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Long before I was interested in NLP I found the teachings of “Seth” (Jane Roberts – The Nature of Personal Reality) amazing.  Here, back in the 70’s some of the most profound teachings occurred. 

Now, they seam mainstream, but think back to how these phrases must have sounded and felt like 

Heck!  They still are amazing,

My suggestion would be to take one quote and contemplate on it for 5 minutes.  Make some notes about the thoughts that come to mind and then move on the next quote.

By contemplating on these quotes you will improve your mental strength, personal empowerment and personal development.

So here are 5 “cook your noodle” quotes from Seth and The Nature of Personal Reality

  • “As you become more proficient at using your conscious mind, then of course you examine the beliefs that surround you, even as you question and often move out of your native environment.  You may migrate to a climate in which the prevailing ideas suit you better, as well as the weather.” 


  • “The conscious mind allows you to look outward into the physical universe, and see the reflection of your spiritual activity, to perceive and assess your individual and joint creations.  In a manner of speaking, the conscious mind is a window through which you look outward – and looking outward, perceive the fruits of your inner mind.  Often you let false beliefs blur that great vision.  Your joy, vitality and accomplishment do not come from the outside to you as the result of events that “happen to you”.  They spring from inner events that are the result of your beliefs.” 


  • “In physical life, your conscious mind is largely dependent upon the workings of your physical brain.  You have a conscious mind whether you are in flesh or out of it, but when you are physically oriented, then it is connected to the physical brain.” 


  • “The physically alive body, its activities and condition, are directed through the beliefs of the conscious mind.”


  • “You also communicate your beliefs to others, of course.  When visitors enter your home, they do not see it exactly as you do because they also view it through the screen of their beliefs.  In your own environment however your personal beliefs will usually predominate.” 

I’d really like to get your  thoughts in the comments section below.

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