Warrior Mind Podcast – Episode 16 – Interpreting the Magi Code

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In the last podcast we discussed a technique called “Over the Wall” or as I refer to it “Through the Vail”.Mental Strength

In the podcast I’m going to go over ways of interpreting the symbols you received during this journey to help with your personal success.

Below the podcast are bullet points discussed:


Out run the editing function of the conscious mind so that personal performance can be easier achieved. 

Exfirmation ( filtered info)

Bring into conscious focus with mental strength.

All info in consciousness is encoded as representations as VAOKG.  This of an experience as a complex of I/R.

Our I/R (image)

Content – What it is

Process – how it is presented in the mind


The more the detailed the description of the image the more info there is to interpret, the more your personal empowerment.

Observe – describe – interpret

I/R is a metaphor based on our experience vocabulary. 

This is why methodology and stories are so powerful…they go directly into our subconsciousness.

After setting intention/posing question cross through the vial and keep describing until end or an ah-ha comes.  Don’t stop and try to interpret the message/images.

Get three different “answers” (images/scenes) then compare similarities and differences.  Use the process triangulation (3 points coming together at the same location).  Reoccurring associations

Notice facts (characteristics) vs. feelings (interruptions, projections, mind reads)

Make a list of images and associations/interpretations.  List on left side of paper the images and then on the right side the corresponding association or interpretations.

Us the “when/then”…”When I saw…then I…”

Only you can interpret your messages.

If beliefs changes I/R and images will change as well!

Let me hear what you felt about this podcast in the comments below.

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