Mental Strength Tip #29 – Recovery and Personal Success

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Achieving peak personal performance and creating personal power begins with a mental strength mindset and personal successempowering beliefs.  Reaching your personal goals starts in the mind and finishes with peak performance…taking massive action.

This is one in a series of mental strength life coaching tips to help start your week of strong so that you can reach your personal goals and personal success.

I take one subject and run though a brief overview of it, then ask some very direct questions.  The intention of these virtual sessions is for you to write the questions in your success journal and then reflect on them and write your answers and thoughts in your journal.

These series of posts are for YOU!  If I’m not able to coach you personally one-on-one, I want you to at least get the benefit of “virtual” coaching.

Objective of this Mental Strength Tip:

To help you determine how balanced you are in your personal and professional life.  To illustrate what a mental strength work/recovery cycle looks like and how it helps you reach peak personal performance.

Let’s Get Started:

Let me ask you….at the ideal, what would your work/recovery cycle look and feel like?  DO you believe a balanced work/recovery cycle would lead toward peak personal performance?  Just as in physical training, the work/recovery is essential for sustained growth.  Too much or too little of either leads to stagnation and burnout.

Questions to Uncover Beliefs about Mental Strength Thinking:

  • What do you believe your work/recovery cycle would have to look like for you to reach your professional and personal goals without burning out?
  • At what point have you experienced burnout from overwork in the past?
  • Do you believe most top producers and performers overwork themselves?

Unsupportive Beliefs about Recovery

  • Elite and top producers and performers are workaholics.
  • Successful people have no personal life.
  • Successful people never rest.
  • There’s enough time to rest when I’m dead.

Mental Strength Beliefs about Recovery

  • Rest and recreations are critical for peak performance.
  • Relaxation is the incubator of new ideas.
  • It is possible to work less and reach my personal success and make more money.

Outrageous Questions:

  • Is it possible to create more leverage at your work/career so you can get more rest?
  • Is lack of money costing you your rest and recovery?
  • How are you responsible for the lack of balance in your life?

Reflective Questions:

  • What action can you take in the next 30 days to help balance your work and recovery cycles?
  • How can I assist you balance your quest for personal goals and the need for recovery?
  • What’s the worst thing that could happen if you built more rest time onto your schedule?

Mental Strength Coaching:

The key to moving the performer into balance is to persuade her that she is 100% responsible for being out of balance.  As long as she is blaming outside forces for being overworked, balance won’t be achieved.  Average individuals usually want to work less.  Successful individuals usually won’t toe work more.  Both require coaching in the work/recovery area because one will never attain peak personal performance and the other will burn out.

Final Thought

As in most aspects for mental strength coaching, uncovering the beliefs around a topic/subject are important, in this case the beliefs about the work/recovery cycles.  Unfortunately, specific steps and action really can’t be given until these beliefs are known.

I will say though, that in looking at the Native American Medicine Wheel, to live a full and complete life balance must first take place with the individual in their ‘four directions’; spiritual, physical, mental and emotional.

It is believe that the individual is at the center of the wheel and controls and influences the balance NOT external forces.

This balancing of personal inner life for the balance of external personal life and personal success is the focus of The 2nd Passage. If you can’t participate in The 2nd Passage then remember that beliefs, no matter how limiting, are probably as ‘old’ as you are.  Give yourself permission to take time and consider that beliefs must be chipped away at a little are a time until the change takes place.

If you’d like to get started on developing a rock solid mindset for personal power,  peak human performance, goal setting or achieving your personal goals request your Introductory Consultation today!

Or, if you’d like to study on your own today, order a copy of “Develop the Mental Strength of a Warrior.” This is a fantastic e-book that helps you take control of your thoughts, develop success awareness and helps you tap into the powers of your unconsciousness mind to create the mental strength to succeed at anything!

OK…now it’s your turn!  Let me know about your thoughts on this subject in the comments below.

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