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Over the past few weeks on Tuesday, I’ve been highlighting a topic or topics from a class I’m taking (Beyond Limits).  This is a 10 week class that investigates how we ‘think our reality into existence.’

The information we’re studying has been around for thousands of years, and more recently has been named “New Thought.”  If you’ve ever heard of Michael Beckwith, John Randolph Price or Ernest Holmes, these are all “New Thought” leaders.  The move “The Secret” in large part is centered on “New Thought”, but it only scratches the surface of assisting you with your own personal empowerment.

One area we discussed last night was a section in the book “Repacking Your Bags: Lighten Your Load for the Rest of Your Life.”

SIDE BAR – I developed a saying about 20 years ago after I started dating again after a divorce and this was “Everyone has baggage; just make sure the contents are cleaned and folded nice.”  It appears that this message went out to the Universe and was picked up by Richard J. Leider and David A. Shapiro (the authors of the book)

Anyway, back to class…we talked about the first five areas for “Repacking Reflections”.  These are my interpretations:

1 – Rediscover your Hidden Talents:

Life is all about creating. If you take a look at Nature, creation is going on constantly.  Nothing in this world would exist without mans ability to create.  Talents are the creative core of you life. I look at talent as those things you are naturally good at and skills are something you have learned.   So, let me ask you, what exactly are you creating through your talents?   Have you become so focused on our skills that your talents have been neglected?

I see talents as a doorway to our Soul, when are deeply involved in using our talents we are connected with our Higher-Self, and we are connected with our Higher-Self amazing things happen!  When was the last time you really exercised your talent muscle?  If you have forgotten what your talent(s) are, ask a close friend, they see your talents all the time.  If you feel uncomfortable about asking a friend or family member, find a coach and with work with them.  The key here is rediscover that part of you that makes you com alive and start to express that on a regular basis.

Are you expressing your talents fully? If not, how can you?

2 – Reclaim You Purpose:

Talents develop best when coupled with your purpose, or at least a worthwhile cause.  In The 2nd Passage we discover a person Purpose, and then help create a Vision and develop a Mission around it.

I look at your Purpose as  why you are here, your Vision as how your going to express your Purpose and your Mission is how you are going life “into” your Vision…that is, who are going to be to make your Vision a reality. When all of those three are aligned and you add in your talents…well then you’ll be living a life of Power, Purpose and Passion!

If you haven’t discovered your purpose yet, that’s OK…it will always be there ready for you to find it.  And until then, you still can utilize your talents. When you use your talent in support of something you truly believe in, you will feel more energetic, more committed, and more enthusiastic about everything you do.

Have you discovered or reclaimed your purpose?  If not, what can you do to find it?

3 – Reinvent Your Job:

You may have loved your job at one time, or perhaps you still do.  But when things are repeated over and over again become mundane, boring and mechanical.  What once was brought you satisfaction now leads to and brings dissatisfaction.  Everything we enjoy and love will become stale if we don’t renew them regularly.

Even if your current career isn’t your aligned with your purpose, mission or even leveraging your talents, you still can bring back the spark that once lead you to what you’re doing.  If what you’re doing is just to “pay the bills”, you still can reinvent your job…and I would say it might be a “must” if you desire to attract more income.

Remember, “How you do anything is a tendency on how you do everything.”   If you can’t reinvent your job, what else in your life can’t you reinvent or rekindle…like your relationship?

So, are you regularly reinventing your job, or just complaining about the way things are?  Are you on the look out for solutions to problems or issues you can be passionate about?  How can you reinvent your job (and your life) so you get up every morning excited about the possibilities that are ahead?

4 – Reassign Your Higher Council

(In the book it is labeled “Reelect Your Personal Board of Directors)

Most of us can trace our success to significant support from other people.  These people could have been friends, family, real or even fictitious. We may not be aware, but at many critical times or decision we hear a voice in our head providing guidance.  Unfortunately we have another voice trying to stop us.

What you want to do here is to “reassign” who is going sit on your High Council…the ones that will provide support and encouragement and let the others go that do not provide what you are looking for.

So, take a look at your Purpose, Vision or Mission…if you don’t have that, then think of something big you want to accomplish. The think of the important relationships that have sustained you along the way and the new ones you want to create.   Who are the people in your life that you’ve relied on for counsel an advice and how else can you add that will help you achieve your personal goal and reach your personal success?

Here’s the great thing….you never have to ask them!  You create a virtual Higher Council in your imagination.  You can also think of them as your own personal board of directors.  Picture yourself at the meeting with your Council, perhaps you are all sitting around a round table.

Who is there?  Where is everyone sitting – including you?  Then, as you sit there, right now, what issues would you like to bring before the Council?  You know them all (at some level) and you know what they would say to you it they were really physically there with you. What kind of support are you looking for?

5 – Resharpen Your Growth Edge:

I’m a big believer and supporter of personal growth and personal empowerment. If you’re not learning at the same rate, or better, than the pace of change in today’s environment…you’ll be left behind.  This applies to personal and professional growth equally.

There have been hundreds of advances in personal develop via the brain, exercise, nutrition and NLP…to name a few.  Equally there have been leaps made in how business is being conducted.

Just like a successful company invests in its R&D department you too need to research new opportunities and develop new skills.  You are a good learner…you’ve made this far on everything you’ve learned…keep it up.  Learning brings a sense of aliveness.

What are you excited about learning.  How can you continually sharpen your growth edge?

When you look at “repacking” or any of the other “re’s” above you are at the center of them all!  This repacking and resifting provides a great opportunity for personal empowerment and personal development.

If you haven’t found your purpose, vision or mission yet, or you feel like you’re just going through the motions, take a look at The 2nd Passage.  These 2 ½ days will absolutely turn your life around!

OK…please let me know your thoughts on the subject of “repacking” in the comments below.

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