Cause and Effect and Inevitable Consequences

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I’m taking another class at CSL San Jose “The Principles of Successful Living.” The course is based around the self empowermentphilosophy of The Science of Mind and specifically those sections that discuss “success.”

It’s a great class and we have an assignment this week to write a 200 word paper on “How would it make life better to think of unwanted conditions as inevitable consequences?”

Very interesting concept, don’t you think?

Well I thought I’d share my paper here with you so that it might generate some thoughts and discussions for you.

To begin, let’s take establish agreed definitions for a few words.  I’ll use for the source.   I selected three words in particular:


  • Unavoidable
  • Sure to happen; certain


  • A particular mode of being of a person or thing; existing state; situation with respect to circumstances.


  • The effect, result, or outcome of something occurring earlier: The accident was the consequence of reckless driving.

The word “consequence” is really interesting…notice the in the definition the word “effect.”

Well, the law of Cause and Effect states that for every action we take, i.e. ‘cause’, there is a result, i.e. condition.  So for everything we do there is an effect…a consequence that manifests into a result…our condition.

NLP (which is just one the thousand of language of the Universe) encourages that we empower ourselves by standing on the “cause” side of the equation.  That is, we take responsibility for our results, changing the results or how we respond to them.  Basically we stop playing the victim.

Taking responsibly is NOT taking blame or being at fault.  Taking responsibility is being empowered to take control of your conditions, how to change them and the learning’s from them.

Taking responsibility gives us the power to do something about the condition. Otherwise, when we blame someone or soothing, we have given our power to them to change the condition.

So, in looking at ‘cause and effect’ aren’t all conditions are inevitable?

Sure they are.  So now all we just need to do is simply look at the cause of them and how we respond to them.

The key here is to take responsibility for our part in the creation of our condition and how we respond to it, as well as the learning’s from it.

So, when we stand securely on the cause side we are in control of our outcomes, or at least how we respond to them whether they are “unwanted” or not.

Which brings up and the term “unwanted.”

In reality all conditions are natural, it’s what we project on them that makes then wanted or unwanted.  It’s our thoughts about the condition that causes the ‘suffering’…there we go again….cause (thoughts) and effect (suffering).

When we accept that there will always be outcomes, conditions, results or effects and we know that we can take responsibly for them, the last piece is how we label the condition.

When we label it as unwanted we suffer.  When we label it as “a learning”, we grow and are empowered.

So…back to answering the original question, “How would it make life better to think of unwanted conditions as inevitable consequences?”

I would suggest that by knowing that all conditions are inevitable and that we are responsible for the condition…or at the minimum the way we respond to the condition, then we only need to change our perspective of the condition to live a life of empowerment.

This shift in perspective of the condition occurs when we have  the faith that every condition that we create is an opening to higher consciousness and all we have to do is be ready, willing and able…which is standing back again at ‘cause.’

Please let me know your thoughts about this in the comments below.

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