Warrior Mind Podcast Episode # 50 – Mark Divine Interview

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It is my privilege and honor to be able to interview a fantastic human and a great man, Mark Divine!Warrior Mind Podcast

Mark Divine is founder and CEO of US Tactical, inc. which operates SEALFIT, Navy SEALs.com and S CrossFit. He started his athletic career as a collegiate swimmer and rower, then competitive tri-athlete and martial artist before joining the Navy in 1990 as an officer. He graduated honor-man of his SEAL training class and served on active duty for nine years. Mark retired as a Commander from the Navy Reserves in 2011.

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At NavySEALs.com and now SEALFIT[, CDR Divine has trained and mentored thousands of Navy SEAL and other Special Ops candidates to succeed in the most demanding military training programs in the world. His success rate with SEALFIT in preparing candidates is unrivaled.

Mark’s insights into elite fitness, elite teams, leadership, mental toughness and warrior spirit development were developed over his 20 years as a SEAL and business leader, 25 years as a martial artist and 15 years as yoga practitioner. The integration of these Western and Eastern training practices is what makes SEALFIT such an effective training program for serious athletes and leaders. SEALFIT trainees are people seeking a higher level of training, thinking and leading – one that encompasses the full spectrum of human experience – Body, Mind and Spirit in Self, Team and Organization. Mark’s certifications and honors include:

  • BUD/s class 170 Honor man
  •  SEAL TEAM 3 Platoon CDR
  •  Commanding Officer, NR SEAL TEAM1
  •  Commander, US Navy Reserves
  •  Colonel, Kentucky Order of Colonels
  •  Ambassador, SEAL (NSW) Foundation
  •  Adjunct Prof of Leadership, USD
  •  CrossFit certified and affiliate owner
  •  CrossFit Olympic Lifting certified
  • Ashtanga Yoga Instructor training
  •  Combat Defense Master Trainer
  •  S.C.A.R.S. Military H2H instructor
  •  Seido Karate: black belt
  •  Goju Ryu Karate: black belt
  •  Saito Ninjutsu: brown belt
  •  CPA, New York State
  •  MBA, NYU Stern School of Business
  •  BA, Economics, Colgate University


Some of things Mark covers in this interview are:

  • How men over 40 can get their swagger back
  • How the physical leads to the spiritual
  • How mental, physical, emotional and spiritual are all connected
  • How does Mark maintain his focus?
  • How important are physical challenges to developing mental toughness?
  • What’s essential to you about your life, that is, what do you have to have or experience at least weekly to feel good about living
  • What are your favorite books?
  • Who do you emulate?

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