Mental Strength Tip #115: Learning and Personal Success

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Welcome back to another Mental Strength Tip!self development

Exceeding your human potential, achieving personal success and reaching your personal goals starts with a mental strength mindset of empowering beliefs that will instill the feeling of empowerment.

Reaching your personal goals, achieving personal success and exceeding your human potential starts in your mind…and finishes with taking inspired and massive action.

This is one in a series of virtual personal coaching and mental strength tips to help kick-start your week.  It is intended to create self-empowerment and inspire you to take action so that you can reach your personal goals and personal success.

I take one mental strength tips and run though a brief overview of it, then ask some very direct coaching questions.  The intention of this virtual personal coaching session is for you to write and answer these questions in your success journal and then reflect on them to gain insight on yourself, your dreams and what’s holding you back.

These series of posts are for YOU!

If I’m not able to be your live personal coach, then I highly recommend picking up a copy of “Develop the Mental Strength of a Warrior.” It’s a book that will take you through the exact process to take back control of your thoughts so that you can live a life a power, purpose and passion with perseverance!

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Objective of this Mental Strength Tip:

To coach you about the idea the one of the key characteristics of top achievers is their voracious desire for personal develop, to keep learning and growing so that they can reach and exceed their human potential.

Let’s Get Started:

Follow your hunger for knowledge – if your motivation for getting knowledge is weak you can stop reading this. The rest of my advice will not work. Your motivation cannot be shallow (like for passing an exam, showing off at a party, impressing the boss, etc.). You have to find the clear-cut link between knowledge and the value it brings to life.

Do you like science programs? Are you interested in how your computer works? Do you surf the net looking for news? If the answer is yes, you are probably on the right track. Can you spend more than 30 minutes on a totally uncreative and non-intellectual activity (e.g. gossip, adult magazines, unadulterated laziness, etc.)? If yes, you may have a motivational problem.

The hunger for knowledge grows as you get more educated (the more you know the more you know you don’t know). So there is an excellent remedy for poor motivation: learn more and see how it can impact your and others’ life. Research shows that strong motivation may actually count more than your IQ. Do not forget about your health! A strong body makes it easier to nurture a well motivated mind

Questions to Uncover Beliefs about Mental Strength Thinking:

  • What are your feelings about personal development as a success strategy?
  • Do you see the value in having a personal development coach?
  • What’s been more valuable to you: formal or self-education?

Unsupportive Beliefs about Learning

  • Education ends when you graduate.
  • Self-development is for weak people.
  • Self-development is all the same.

Mental Strength Beliefs about Learning

  • Self development gives you an edge in business and life.
  • Self development helps you understand who you are and why you’re getting the results you’re getting.
  • Formal education helps you make a living. Self development will make you wealthy.

Outrageous Questions:

  • Are your beliefs about self-development and learning based in mental weakness and fear or mental strength and courage?
  • Are you absolutely sure your beliefs about self-development are accurate and are you aware of what it will cost you if you’re wrong?
  • What do you have to lose by becoming a learning machine for the next twelve months?

Reflective Questions:

  • What beliefs would you have to let go of in order to embrace your own personal development program?
  • How can I help you create and take action on a personal development plan?
  • Couldn’t a self-development be the missing link you’ve been looking for to achieve personal success?

Mental Strength Coaching:

Determine what you really need to know – you must first clearly identify the areas of knowledge that are most likely to positively influence your future. You will not even be able to skim the surface of the world’s knowledge resources in your lifetime!

The earlier you realize this the faster you will reach the point at which you will see that three well-selected pieces of knowledge may have the power to blast the entire shelf of ill-picked books. You must first see how much time you can spend on learning daily.

Only a lucky few can afford to learn new things for more than an hour per day. If this is the case with you, the problem of knowledge selection is yet more burning. Take a long-term perspective. Don’t get obsessed with learning only one subject.  Try a few one to see what “fits.”

To assume a responsible position in society, you will need strong general knowledge on health, sociology, history, natural sciences, etc. Only those who can grasp the full picture are well positioned to be successful in their efforts

Final Thought

If you’re one of those people who claim you don’t have time to read, then first, I question why you’re reading this post. Second, I encourage you to make time. Time never “appears” for anything; you have to make it. If nothing else, learn how to prioritize.

You can also turn your commute into learning time. Listen to an audio book while driving, on the train, bus or walking to work. If you don’t have time to read an entire book, read short articles online. If you’re dying to read a book but honestly can’t find the time, then pair up with a friend and take turns reading and sharing the ideas through short descriptions, or find excerpts of the book online.

If you are a leader, you should be striving to develop knowledge to improve yourself. To do anything less is to shortchange your ability to lead.

Get started today on creating your personal self-development plan by requesting your Introductory Consultation by going HERE.

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  1. Thanks Bill! It’s always great to hear your insights 🙂

  2. Hi Gregg, Great post. I agree with you that people who make learning an on going journey find constant success in their life. We make time for our physical workouts, why not add reading and learning as a set in a workout?

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