Warrior Mind Podcast Episode # 111: Love

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This Warrior Mind Podcast is based on Mental Strength Tip #72 – Love and Personal Success.Warrior Mind Podcast

The purpose to this Warrior Mind Podcast is to help you realize that the path to reaching your personal goals and personal success is paved with love and abundance.  The average person’s thinking and energy is based in scarcity.

The intention of this episode is to urge you to watch your ego and make your decisions on love and abundance.

As stated in “A Course In Miracles,” there are only two emotions; love and fear.  Fear is the opposite of love.  Fear is the absence of love.

Perfect love casts out fear. If fear exists, then there is not perfect love.

When you come from a place and understanding that all there is love (and abundance) you can see all the opportunities around you.

Enjoy the podcast below:


Keep in mind that moving from fear and scarcity to love and abundance is a huge leap for most people is going to take mental strength, time and patience.

Remember that at some level, fear and served and protected you from pain and injustice, and letting go is going to create some additional fears.

This transition is taken step by step. Allow yourself to grow and at challenging pace that is right for you.

Too little pressure will create stagnation.  Too much pressure will create fatigue and burnout.

Find the right balance that will allow you to grow with trust.

If you’d like to get busy on changing fear based thinking to love and abundance thinking, pick up you copy of “Develop the Mental Strength of a Warrior” today.

This is a fantastic e-book that helps you take control of your thoughts, develop success awareness and helps you tap into the powers of your unconsciousness mind to create the mental strength to succeed at anything!

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