The Truth About Peak Performance

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“Do you want to be a power in the world? Then be yourself.” – Ralph Waldo Emersonperformance

Your peak performance is all you have to give in terms of mind, body, and soul. It is through your emotional, physical, mental, and spiritual flow that you are able to give all there is to be given. For peak performance, you need to strive to tap these resources and look at how you can build on them to improve your strength and power, so you can be the most successful version of you possible.

Take for example a surgeon. At three in the morning, they need to give their best when they are called in, they can’t let a patient die because they want to sleep. A commercial pilot can’t decide that he wants to do his own thing, when a plane is under his control. Students must strive to deliver their best scores, so they can get the best education possible. This means each of them needs to tap into their inner soul and to find success.

The point that needs to be made about peak performance, is that it isn’t only physical strength. It is the mental focus we have, the flow of our energy, the emotional state we are in. When we tap into these areas, we can optimize our use and allow our peak performance levels to shine.

Where Physiology Meets Mindset

When we are in a competition of some kind, a 100 milliseconds can determine if we win or lose. This is why it is important that we push ourselves as hard as we can. We need our mental focus in the right place, so we perform, even when we are under pressure. If we begin to relax and simply go through the motions, rather than pushing ourselves, we stand the chance of someone else who is tapped into their peak performance and the right state of mind to ultimately prevail in life and overshadow us.

What is Peak Performance?

So what is this peak performance we are talking about? This about it as being where you operate at your optimum levels.

This is where things are fulfilled, you are surrounded by positive energy, you have higher self-confidence. Life is good and you are able to emotionally and physically experience greater levels of health than you have ever before.

Within each of us, there is a warrior that is ready to be unleashed. This is our strongest self and we want to pull that individual to the surface. We want to make it so we can run faster, process information more accurately, to even give ourselves the drive we need to be successful. That means we remove stress from the equation, and instead look at the things we can do to constantly push our mind, body, and soul harder so we move forward.

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The Benefits of Peak Performance

There are eight things that become true when you are operating at your peak levels. You’ll want to keep these in mind as they are a great way to gauge where you stand.

During your lifetime, you’ll have an exceptional level of fulfillment and success when you are living your life in a very natural way.

With peak performance, you become in a Zen like state with the world. You are able to function and to think naturally and things will go your way. You are able to boost both your emotional and physical health, while you experience a significant boost to your energy levels.

When a challenge does happen, you will have everything you need within yourself to take it head on, so that you ultimately succeed in the process.

What happens when you’re not at Peak Performance?

When you are not striving for your peak performance, you begin to notice that life doesn’t work out. Things get off track and you feel like you aren’t getting the same level of satisfaction out of things. You might find that you are no longer able to operate like you once were and you might see an impact to your behavior, emotions, and even the stress levels you have. If you allow this to continue to spiral out of control, you might see this manifest itself as physical problems that appear in the body. This can include rashes, or even some health concerns like a weakened immune system.

Chronic symptoms and health concerns can appear if you allow them to continue for the long term. That makes this a serious issue that you do need to pay close attention to.

Ideal Levels of Bodily Functions

In order to boost your peak performance levels, you need to capture and record the functions of your body. This includes before training, during the time you are training and even during a competition. Look at muscle tension, respiration, brain function, and other areas where you are able to measure things. For some of this, you might want to use sensors that can help you to analyze the results. You can then review this information and make some educated estimates about how close you are to your peak performance and if you are pushing yourself hard enough in the process.

Peak Performance Training Techniques

There are a few different training techniques that can be used to help you boost your peak performance. One of those is visualization. With this, you can reduce your stress levels, while you boost the amount of relaxation you have. In order to sustain this, you can continue to focus on specific routines and performance enhancing items to further develop your body and mind. When you have mental cues in place, you can also reduce the distractions you have and this can help you to prevail.

This works best when you have managed to tailor it to meet your needs during training. This might be as simple as reducing your heart rate, or trying breathing exercises before you react. As you fine tune things, you’ll find that you are able to better control your body and ultimately succeed when you are performing.

3 Steps to Peak Performance

  1. Determine what you ultimately need to do in order to succeed and to remain on track at the same time.
  2. Recognize your Early Warning Signals: These are both the internal and external clues which tell you that you’re heading off track and you need to regain control once again.
  3. Take action! Use these unique strategies to help ensure you are headed back on track, so that you are able to achieve better peak performance levels in time.

When you can achieve peak performance you are accessing the state of flow, also known as “the zone.”

It will take some time, but you can ultimately reach your goals in life. Remember, there is no better place for you to be. The process of creating flow and peak performance regularly will help you reach your true potential and your personal best. So embrace it as it comes and be the best you possible.

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