Self-Mastery An Overview

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These words of Lao Tzu serve an important point. Too often, we put value in trivial things and place our focus in Self-mastery areas where they should not be. In order to achieve self-mastery, it is as simple as looking at this famous quote and building off of it. After all, this is ultimately what each of us wants for ourselves and why so many of us begin our search to help master this art.

Self-mastery is the cornerstone of success, peace, abundance and confidence. Each of these areas has its own unique set of benefits that we discover as we continue to build and expand on the depth of mastery we have in each area. But what really is self-mastery?

One definition is, “The ability to take control of one’s life without being blown off course by feelings, urges, circumstances etc. Self-mastery is that condition whereby your body is your servant and not your master.”

I don’t totally agree with the above textbook definition. After all, how can you control your life if you can’t control the four aspects of yourself? You really can’t. These four aspects are physical, mental, emotional and spiritual. Remember this, as we look closer at each of them.

Once one has gained control over their physical, mental, emotional and spiritual “bodies” can one truly control their life. This is the essence of self-mastery. From this essence, we can build a stronger foundation. It is with that stronger foundation that we can push forward in our lives and then find the success we are searching for.

In this overview, I’m going to cover the main points of self-mastery. I trust you’ll be able to put the pieces together and create your own self-mastery development plan. If you need help with it, contact me. My goal is to help you unlock your full potential and to ultimately succeed in your journey of self-discovery. After all is said and done, this is an area where you’ll become a better person and continue to find success.

To begin, it is a good idea to look at the physical side of things. After all, we tend to be more receptive to items when we can actually see the results we have and track our progress.

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Take the following items for example and remember that the information is not limited to the results that are listed below:

Under the physical components we find the following:

  • Endurance
  • Flexibility
  • Hydration
  • Nutrition
  • Strength

Each of these physical items are things we see when we succeed. We experience a boost to our strength, we witness ourselves becoming more flexible and so on.

Under the mental components there are things like:

  • Attitude
  • Focus
  • Goal-setting
  • Mental rehearsal
  • Self-talk

Soon, we find that in our everyday lives we have a positive attitude and are prepared for the world. This pushes us closer to success in time.

Under the emotional components we have a few things that come up like:

  • Emotional intelligence
    • Managing Emotions
    • Perceiving Emotions
    • Reasoning with Emotions
    • Understanding Emotions

Emotions aren’t an area that everyone finds solid grounding in. But with a sensible approach you can get them under control and ultimately gain a better handle on them.

Under the spiritual components are these:

  • Personal vibration
  • Purpose
  • Soul
  • Values

Those who have a spiritual depth also find life is more rewarding. This is different from a core set of religious beliefs. There is a different depth to being spiritual.

The Benefits of Self-Mastery

We now must look at the benefits that are there in the realm of self-mastery. Each benefit transitions our mind, body, and soul to new heights and allows us to achieve a new level of depth in the process. Take a moment to look over some of the benefits that are found in each of the areas.

Within the Physical Realm

In this realm, we explore the physical body and the impact you have. These areas of self-master that you benefit from include all of the following:

Self-mastery leads to control, management and eventual mastery of; the body, the left hemisphere, reason, sensation, memory, concentration, definition, deduction, intelligence, knowing, objective observation, attention, power, materialization, space, explanation, contraction, attachment and energy.

Within the Mental Realm

The mind is one of the most powerful things in the body. When you become a master with it, you begin to experience all of the following benefits:

Self-mastery leads to control, management and eventual mastery of; intellect, the right hemisphere, emotion, perception, imagination, association, interpretation, induction, wisdom, understanding, subjective observation, consciousness, choice, meaning, motivation, connection, adjustment and time.

Within the Spiritual Realm

Too often, we overlook our spiritual health and well-being. This leads to us losing our sense of purpose and ultimately failing. That is why it is important for us to master this area also. With this we will find that:

Self-mastery leads to control, management and eventual mastery of; will, both hemispheres, feeling, action, creativity, intent, integration, intuition, prophesy, being, expansion, collective observation, awareness, freedom, existence, actualization, detachment and the present.

Within the Emotional Realm

Our emotional side carries into all the different areas of our life. We must pay close attention to mastery here as it will impact our success. The benefits we find here include:

Self-mastery leads to perceiving emotions, reasoning with emotions, understanding emotions, managing emotions, conflict resolution, social awareness, effective communications, and self-awareness.

When and only when you have developed self-mastery will you be able to master your life. That is the ultimate goal for all of us.

It is important to remember that these are not the only things that are out there. Each area of self-mastery does have additional benefits and physical benefits that are associated with them.

What you should be seeing from all of this, is that there are elements in place that impact the greater portion of our lives. When we learn mastery in each of these key areas, we can grow and thrive in the world. This allows us to discover a more harmonious life and to ultimately succeed. After all, we’ve opened ourselves up to a greater depth than ever before.

Do you have the courage to start on the path of self-mastery? Contact Me about The Warriors Quest. It will transform your life forever!

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