How to Achieve Continuous Improvement: Warrior Mind Podcast #364

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Over four years and going strong!  With over 500,000 downloads from over 9 countries and 5 continents’….continuous improvement. this is the Warrior Mind Podcast.

In this episode of the Warrior Mind Podcast I’m going to go over the seven aspects to achieve continuous improvement.


Einstein pointed out that “The significant problems we face today cannot be solved at the same level we were at when we created them.” To get different results — change — we must do things differently. The framework of this model is divided into seven distinct levels — from easy to impossible – across a spectrum of continual change (continuous innovation) over increasing levels of difficulty.

LEVEL 1: Effectiveness – DOING the right things • Set priorities • Do what’s important first • Focus!  • Become more effective

LEVEL 2: Efficiency – DOING things right• Follow procedures • Clean up your mess • Understand standards • Become more efficient

LEVEL 3: Improving – DOING things better• Think about what you’re doing • Listen to suggestions • Find ways to improve things • Help, coach, and mentor others

Enjoy this podcast on achieving continuous improvement

continuous improvement


LEVEL 4: Cutting – Stopping DOING things• Ask “Why?”  • Stop doing what doesn’t count • Use the 80:20 rule – Simplify • Refocus continuously

LEVEL 5: Copying – DOING things other people are doing• Notice and observe more • Think before you think • Study best practices – benchmark • Copy

LEVEL 6: Different – DOING things no one else is doing• Think about thinking • Combine new technologies • Ask “Why not?”  • Focus on different, not similar, non-linear

LEVEL 7: Impossible – DOING things that can’t be done• Question assumptions • What’s impossible today, but…?  • Defocus: Get a little crazy • Wouldn’t it be amazing if . . .”  • Break the rules!  • Where will it take pure magic?

Each level is progressively more complex, more difficult to undertake that the preceding level. Consider these seven aspects of continuous improvement in the context of moving into a new job or a new business activity to which you have not before been exposed.

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