Understanding Your Patterns: Warrior Mind Podcast #374

Understanding Your Patterns: Warrior Mind Podcast #374

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Over four years and going strong!  With over 500,000 downloads from over 9 countries and 5 continents’…. Patternsthis is the Warrior Mind Podcast.

In this episode of the Warrior Mind Podcast I’m going to discuss how looking at your past can reveal patterns that can help you in the present and future.

Understanding Your Patterns

When you think of the journey of becoming, it’s actually an outline defining the connection between your behavior and your actions with your sense of awareness or rather your self-consciousness. This association teaches you the results of your behavior and the role it has in constructing your sense of self.

In fact, you are taught a formula worth remembering through your journey of becoming, which is that your behavior grows into traits and your traits into habits that in turn become the foundation for your personality.

You learn that these habits turn into patterns, which in turn is the base for your character. These patterns are then responsible for creating the drivers that lead to your individual nature. This nature is a confluence of whatever has dominated your thoughts and inner world all this time. It may be good or bad, but this is what you and your nature have become.

So, looking at all this, it may seem that it’s your thoughts and feelings that actually trigger the journey of becoming. While this is true, it’s actually your actions or whatever you do that is most important at driving the process.

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Now don’t think that this means your thoughts have nothing at all to do in this journey! They are in no way innocent bystanders but are some of the ‘things’ that have quietly and unassumingly done most of the damage to you.

This ‘damage’ was done by these thoughts exuding all their strong ideas that end up brainwashing your brain and body. Thoughts don’t just do damage, they are also strong and important allies in your transformational process, but only if they trigger some actions.

The patterns that play an important part in your life are described using the term ‘patternology,’ which actually means knowledge of patterns. Everything related to human behavior comes from patterns.

This includes your body cell behavior, your everyday living actions and body processes to the many electrical and chemical actions and reactions that take place in the brain. All this forms the foundation of your thoughts and feelings, which are shaped and created through patterns.

You can say that based on your past actions and learned behaviors, these very patterns can end up as advanced templates with an important role in the survival and growth of both your mind and body.

These patterns don’t end here as the power and presence of patterns are found everywhere in the world. They have an influence on practically everything around you in one way or the other. You’ll realize this by taking a look at the disciplines of chemistry, physics and mathematics. You find loads of laws, structures and formulas here with their individual patterns teaching you a lot about the world and us. In other words, the world exists because of these patterns.

Scientists and mathematicians are fervently working at decoding and understanding these patterns right from the subatomic to the macrocosmic level. These patterns are responsible for creating your life’s rhythm, momentum and movement. Upon close examination, through not only microscopes but also through your mind’s telescope, you soon realize that these patterns are responsible for the sense in everything you see around you.

Consequently, some researchers and students advocating this process call these patterns ‘The Code’ that explains nature’s random acts. It also explains the world’s order and predictability while describing a hidden mathematical world found in your body, planet and beyond.

The prime focus of all this lies on:

  • Numbers and their influence on practically everything happening in life
  • Using past data to predict future events
  • Constructing different shapes and forms in nature.

While there is still some more research to be done, one thing is clear. ‘The Code’ determines everything from the invisible to the visible, including all the patterns produced by it. You can tell through patternology that your present and future decisions are practically dependent on past decisions and choices, as long as nothing else happens. A deeper understanding of patterns helps free you from all the things that suppress you in life. This is why you need to take a deeper look at patternology and its effects on human behavior.

There are so many people who have fallen prey to their mesh of poor life decisions and choices that they believe there is no way out. They feel that it’s impossible to free themselves from their negative patterns, low self-confidence and addictions. This leads them into a heightened state of doubt and disbelief that leaves them even more entangled in this mesh of despair.

It is at this point that they start losing hope in life, and let others make their life decisions and choices! They feel that they are reluctantly pulled back into familiarity and this inflicts even more self-harm.

Feeling that there is ‘no choice’ is a position in life where you start seeing how traits grow into habits, habits into patterns and patterns, ending up as drivers. This is when you may eventually understand why people feel that they no longer have any available choices. They feel as if they have been ‘chosen’ and don’t have the liberty ‘to choose’ anymore. This thought pulls them deeper down in to pathways that are so difficult to leave behind and come out of.

Once all these patterns have been rather deeply embedded in the mind, your conscious thinking sort of reaches a point of ‘suspension.’ This is when your subconscious mind takes over the important role of a ‘decision-maker’, and controls the drivers determining how you respond and react to things.

It’s interesting to note that at this point, the subconscious mind doesn’t actually make decisions. On the contrary, it acts based on previously made decisions, and as there are no new evidence to overturn the drivers, it is tricked into thinking that the old decisions and actions still serve the person well. This proves that you need to change the templates if you want to adopt a different form of being. It’s only after understanding how they are created can you actually do that.

This does not imply that you have lost the right to choose as no one actually loses this right. It’s better saying that you won’t be aware of our choices. It’s when this awareness is lost that you become a victim.

You become a victim of the past, of old relationships, opinions, beliefs and ideologies and before you realize it, you usually end up subconsciously doing whatever you have always done because you haven’t forgotten the old scripts.

So now is the time to surrender all the old scripts and start creating new patterns. Do this using a combination of structure, discipline, routine, empathy and compassion that helps you make better choices. In addition to this, you also have to start developing faith, and learn to trust.

You have to doubt yourself, the process and even at times those around you to develop faith while taking courageous steps in the direction of positive change. You can start learning to trust by believing in nothing and no one, including you, but still daring to believe that there’s a chance for a personal transformation.

You may feel feelings of uncertainty and doubt while embarking on this journey that, if you let them, can even wreck all your ideas and hopes of things being different or even better. Once you recognize and accept this feeling to be a starting point of positive change, you will start seeing magical things happening. Knowledge harbors positive change and you need to accept your life’s responsibilities upon gaining sufficient knowledge.

You have so far learned that by doing nothing differently, the power of momentum (generated from drivers evolved from behaviors), keeps pushing you backwards towards the old and familiar.

You thus need to create a forward momentum using new thoughts that you know will lead to behaviors. It’s these actions that will eventually bring lasting change in your life by creating new drivers.

You should by now be able to see the deep impact of patterns existing everywhere in your life -from your body cells to celestial beings, the micro to the macro and uniformity to random events. So, everything, including your nature, feelings, thoughts and behaviors, tend to dance to the hypnotic tune of patterns.

Make use of everything you’ve learned here to plan your own release by leaving all the old and familiar patterns behind and becoming bold enough to explore life’s new and unexplored areas. Do this by making a plan for reaching your preferred destination and by identifying whatever help you may require doing this, and work at seeking it.

Look for the songs that make your heart sing with joy and laughter wherever possible. Start rejoicing about life’s important relationships and count all your blessings. You will soon see new patterns emerging, pushing you towards peaceful nirvana where everything is so clear and content to you that you find it so much easier to face life confidently and gracefully.

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