Your Beliefs Create Who You Are: Warrior Mind Podcast #377

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Over four years and going strong!  With over 500,000 downloads from over 9 countries and 5 continents’…. beliefs createthis is the Warrior Mind Podcast.

In this episode of the Warrior Mind Podcast I’m going to discuss how your beliefs not only shape but create the person you are.

Beliefs Create

There are some things about yourself that you need to ponder on and look into if you haven’t done so already; like the reason behind your belief; how they are influencing your life, how they are affecting the choices you make and the result of those choices. Also, examine whether those beliefs of yours are drawing you back and trace back the origin of those beliefs. When last did you crosscheck the authenticity of some of those things you believe?

Our interactions with others and our life experiences teach us to believe certain things and the way we respond to situations modify or confirm those beliefs.

A gentleman attended a counseling session organized by a popular author and coach and there, the coach asked to know what fueled his thoughts and actions. The gentleman replied immediately that it was largely his mother and family background.

He blamed his mother for being the major cause of his suffering. This comment got the author thinking and then he replied, “Well, we have to go look for your mother.”

The client got confused and wondered why the counselor wanted to take that line of action. Here is the brilliant response that the professional gave to him: ” since you said it’s your mother’s fault that you are this way and that she’s the cause of all the problems you’re having, then the only way out for you is to fix your mother first. She is obviously the one in need of the counseling and not you because, based on your belief, her transformation will have a positive effect on you and make you have a better life.”

Enjoy this podcast on how Your Beliefs Create The Person You Are

beliefs create


Whereas the gentleman believed that the influence of his mother was shaping his future, the real sense of it was that his mother’s actions were not hindering his progress in life.

Majority of people have this belief that their past is the pillar of their future. How does that belief come about? It’s odd that an expert HR person often get people to stay stuck by giving them reasons and excuses. This wrong approach shapes the victim’s mentality in a negative way.

Here are some other beliefs that hinder a person’s ability to be independent in their choice and action.

  • This illness of mine is traceable to my family heritage and genes.

This belief is 97% a fallacy. A research project that was conducted of recent showed that health conditions that have their origins in family genetics is below 3%. That belief system was probably propagated by someone who wanted to have an excuse for unhealthy state.

  • It’s not possible for me to get rid of my excessive fat because being overweight is natural in my family.

This is a lie. You can control your weight! Adjusting your lifestyle would likely make you healthier.

  • It’s being over 30 years that I became this way and correcting it will take that long.

Where is that a given? The truth is that it’s possible for us to change instantly and be rid of the negative effects of our biases and beliefs.

  • Changing is difficult.

If you really long for it, it won’t be that difficult.

  • Life is not easy.

Life is easier when you have a purpose of living.

The placebo effect was used to shed a light on people’s beliefs. A new drug was administered to a group of people while sugar pills were given to another group. Both groups were ignorant about which of the drugs they got.

A surgeon went further and carried out a test with knee surgery patients. To one group, he did the proper operation that involved scraping and removing the cartilage; to the other group, he stitched up and gave incisions. They believed they had surgical operation on their knees even though no work was done.

After two years, they examined how the two groups were faring and discovered that members of the group that believed they had an actual knee surgery but didn’t made more progress than those who had the real one.

The outcomes in your life are shaped by your beliefs–whatever they are

No matter the belief we have, we need to continuously upgrade our belief  along with others–this need is my own purpose of writing this. It is very important that we make it a part of our daily affairs to own, ascertain the authenticity, make adjustments or challenge our beliefs.

Our actions are revelations of our thoughts, so thinking negative thoughts can limit us.

Examine yourself, are there any belief of yours that’s stalling your progress?

Immediately you eradicate those beliefs that are restricting you, replace it with something or else they will come back.

  • Do you believe there’s a purpose for your existence?
  • Do you have the boldness to make your thoughts a reality?

Action Steps for This Week

  • Whatever your current situation in life is, it was brought about by your belief.


  • Those beliefs you wrap your hands around and involve yourself in everyday, take time to carefully think about them. Create a list of your beliefs right now. Don’t believe that there’s not enough time for you to do this activity now please.


  • Do you have beliefs that need refinement? Before you say no, crosscheck those beliefs that seem harmless like it will take a long while to fix this damage and behavior because it took a long while to form.


  • Ponder on this: what are the decisions you would take and how would your life be like if not for your restricting beliefs and your excuses? Or better still, if you knew you had zero chances of failing and would accomplish what you set your mind on, what direction would you take? What path are you now, are your choices different? Make a list of all the things you would change.


  • When you do away with beliefs that are holding you back, replace them with positive ones. Don’t forget that it is easy, rewarding and transformative to upgrade your beliefs.
  • What about the people in your personal and professional life? Are they negative or do they have beliefs you would like to emulate? Maintaining a positive attitude when the people around you exhibit negative vibes can be really challenging.


  • Just imagine for a moment that you have flushed out all your negative beliefs and that the new choices you’ve imbibed have helped you build a more fulfilling and dynamic life. Create a picture in your mind of yourself already successful at whatever dreams you had. Doesn’t it feel amazing? It does, that’s exactly what you deserve.


  • Everyone has a purpose in life. It is only limiting beliefs that would hinder you from enjoying that special gift you’ve been given—don’t let it!

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