How Can Music Enhance Your Workout?

Music is a motivator. Throughout history, music has been used as a way to lift our spirits and drive us to get moving. For example, you’ve probably noticed that many people absentmindedly tap their feet along to the beat when a song is playing. This is because music is just as much about movement as […]

10 Natural Ways to Boost Your Energy

You wake up from a deep sleep hoping you have already regained the energy you needed for the day. Surprisingly, you still feel tired or worse – you feel even more tired. Apparently, many are experiencing this kind of concern.
If you are one of these people who just can’t refuel back their energies from a […]

7 Herbs to Boost Memory and Improve Productivity

The mind serves as the control center of the body. It plays a very crucial role in the different bodily systems and functions. Proper attention should always be given to ensure a healthy brain. A good lifestyle which includes proper nutrition and regular exercise should be practiced. One should choose a nutritious and well-balanced diet […]

5 Exercises to Clear Your Mind

Minds That Never Shut Down
Sometimes I find myself unable to stop my thoughts, and this keeps me awake through the night, impedes my focus, and cuts into my time talking with my children because my thoughts are elsewhere.
You aren’t alone if you find yourself like this either. Many people are unsure of how to get […]

7 Foods to Increase Your Brain Power Naturally

The brain serves as the center of the nervous system. It is responsible for receiving inputs and sending outputs to the body. It is, therefore, important to maintain a healthy brain for it to function properly and avoid any possible complications. Caring for the precious brain can be done by proper nurturing. The choices of […]

How Building Mental Toughness Can Make You Happier

Coaches apply the term ‘mental toughness’ to elite athletes all the time. And it isn’t too surprising: it’s the combination of confidence and emotional resilience that sees you through life’s obstacles and keeps you calm under pressure. It’s an attribute of any athlete who won a gold medal.
Mental toughness isn’t just for athletes, though.
Psychologists have […]

Top Mental Benefits of Cycling

Cycling is one of the best exercises known to man. It works on the heart and develops better resistance and stamina. Aside from these, there are a number of benefits that cyclists enjoy. Some of them benefit the brain. Here are some of the best mental effects that cycling brings to man.
Mental Benefits of Cycling
Cycling […]

Can Nootropics Improve Muscle Mass?

Are you tired of a skinny physic? Almost everyone loves to have a fit and sexy body. There is nothing wrong with being skinny or thin, but you can always decide to upgrade yourself. You don’t need to be bulky to be physically fit. You just need to make sure that you are storing muscles […]

7 Ways Mentally Strong People Survive Stressful Situations

The world we live in is full of both good and negative energy. Some days could be light and happy, while some would be stressful and dark. Handling stressful situations is a skill most of us don’t possess. It is worth asking though why some people are able to deal with it, while some others […]

7 Reasons To Use High-Intensity Interval Training

High-Intensity Interval Training, also known as HIIT, is rapidly gaining popularity for its simple concept, yet mind-blowing results. As the name says it, HIIT involves any workout that will contain an alternation of a high-intensity burst of activity and very low intensity or even no workout at all. Your HIIT routine can be as simple […]