Engineering Mental Strength With Physical Activity (Even If You’re Not an Athlete)

“Get your head in the game.”
“Mind over matter.”
“I’m in the zone.”
With all these time-tested sayings, it’s no surprise that the importance of mental strength is gaining traction in the mainstream community.
If you’re part of the Warrior Mind community, you already know how crucial mental strength is when it comes to athletic performance and physical […]

Self-Mastery An Overview

These words of Lao Tzu serve an important point. Too often, we put value in trivial things and place our focus in areas where they should not be. In order to achieve self-mastery, it is as simple as looking at this famous quote and building off of it. After all, this is ultimately what each […]

The Truth About Peak Performance

“Do you want to be a power in the world? Then be yourself.” – Ralph Waldo Emerson
Your peak performance is all you have to give in terms of mind, body, and soul. It is through your emotional, physical, mental, and spiritual flow that you are able to give all there is to be given. For […]

How To Use Your Focus Style During Competition

Athletes often misunderstand the concept of focus. Most of them believe it has to do with channeling all attention to a particular thing for a prolonged period. As a matter of fact, Hana Mandlikova, a former Australian Open tennis winner said her game improved when she started taking out ten minutes a day to stare […]

How A Growth Mindset Affects Sports Performance

Most people only think of talent when it comes to sports – even the experts. Sports is actually where the whole idea of being “a natural” was born. “A natural” is someone who moves, looks, and is an athlete without having to work hard. Since so many people believe in natural talent, man professional coaches […]

How Mental Strength Changes Your Body

Grit has started to fade at alarming rates.
When your grandparents were young, they practiced it. It was called having a hard life. Now with everything done with the push of a button, our brains are slowly turning to mush. There is no motivation and few people push themselves.
But there is one thing you should know.
When […]

Develop Self-Mastery and Achieve Your Human Potential

The CrossFit games have come to an end. Personally, I am still left in awe at what these athletes and the human body in general can accomplish. The truth is there aren’t many people who have the mental and physical capacity that these athletes have to endure. They train twelve hours a day, each day […]

How CrossFit Promotes Social Facilitation And Performance

For over a year and a half, I’ve been actively involved in CrossFit and this has positively impacted my training. Before I started the CrossFit program, I was a gym rat. My focus was on the bodybuilder routine. When I added in rock climbing, I added cardio to my program.
The next routine I added was […]

What is Peak Performance?

To answer this question, we need to first look at performance.
So, what is performance?
In society, we constantly see people demanding better performance. Unfortunately, most of us have no idea what it is. The result is a lot of confusion and frustration.
Some offer that performance means nothing more than getting the job done. That you get […]

5 Physical Habits Of Peak Performers

This is the third installment on the habits of peak performers.  The first post discussed the mental habits.  The second discussed the emotional habits.
In this post I’ll go over the physical habits of peak performers.
Five Physical Habits of Peak Performers
Physical Habit #1. Control Physical Stress

Can tell when they are physically under stress and know […]