Want To Be Truly Effective in Life?

Forrest Landry has a wide-ranging output of brilliance to offer the world, from large scale software systems design employed by various agencies of government, to engineering and master woodworking. But perhaps his most compelling contribution is his insights in metaphysics, with works such as An Immanent Metaphysics and Tiny Book Of Essential Wisdom. In this […]

Three Rules To Get Your Life In Order: Warrior Mind Podcast #347

Over four years and going strong!  With over 500,000 downloads from over 9 countries and 5 continents’…. this is the Warrior Mind Podcast.
In this episode of the Warrior Mind Podcast I’m going to talk about the essential rules to get your life back in order.
As I work in the field of human potential, I keep […]

4 Ways Meditation Adds Value to your Life

What is meditation and where did it come from?
Meditation is a Buddhist practice where people go through a spiritual discipline to gain full enlightenment. It was originated in India but was popularized in China during the Eastern Han Dynasty.
Meditation has been practiced for a long time and has never lost its spotlight. More and […]

Need Your Life Back in Order? Do it with These Three Rules

As I work in the field of human potential, I keep current on the most recent information about the damage persistent
stress can cause to a person’s mental and physical health. Chronic diseases can be caused or made worse by this stress (AHA 2012). You have observed and recommended mind-body exercises and physical exercise to restore […]

How To Use Your Focus Style During Competition

Athletes often misunderstand the concept of focus. Most of them believe it has to do with channeling all attention to a particular thing for a prolonged period. As a matter of fact, Hana Mandlikova, a former Australian Open tennis winner said her game improved when she started taking out ten minutes a day to stare […]

Advisor, Everyone Needs One: Warrior Mind Podcast #207

This Warrior Mind Podcast is based on the post “Mentor and Personal Success.” 
The purpose of this Warrior Mind Podcast is to convince you to look carefully at having at least one advisor in order to reach your personal goals and achieve personal success.
What is an advisor? The word can be traced back to Homer’s […]

Focus on What You Want: Warrior Mind Podcast #206

This Warrior Mind Podcast on focus on what you want is based on the post “Law of Attraction, Using It For Personal Goals.” 
The purpose of this Warrior Mind Podcast is to persuade you of the ethereal, yet immensely powerful force of the law of attraction and to focus on what you want.
The law of […]

Focus vs. Obsession: Why You Should Know the Difference

In the simplest terms, mental focus is the ability to concentrate on a single task, idea, or solution in a way that will enhance your effectiveness and productivity at work, at home, and in life.
True focus requires the discipline to avoid or ignore distractions and place your priorities in a way that will produce lasting […]

The Power of Mental Focus For Success

I think it’s safe to say that we all know that to accomplish any level of success we must have focus. I would say that focus is one of the most critical components of mental strength.   To be successful in any area of your life, you must be able to develop a laser like focus […]

Developing a Peak Athletic Performance Game

15 Steps to Mental Strength in Sports…putting it all together
OK…you’ve read and I hope even practiced all the preceding mental strength in sports tips…congratulations!
But now what?
Let’s say you have a big game or match coming up…it’s important to you for a variety of reasons and you want to achieve your peak performance, how do you […]