Excuses And Athletic Performance

No Excuses!
This is often seen in many athletic environments.  It’s seen on the back of t-shirts, sweatshirts, hats and even on the walls of weight rooms.
No Excuses.
These are two simple yet powerful words.
The slogan urges you to maintain focus and to put in the physical and mental work needed to perform at your best.  There […]

Achieving Athletic Performance Success In Competition

In a earlier post, How to Have a Successful Practice Session, I discussed how to set yourself up for success in your athletic practice and training sessions. Today we’ll take a look at how to set yourself up for success in your athletic competition.
Reaching peak athletic performance is far too involved and comprehensive to set […]

Improving Athletic Performance Through Self-Evaluation

Has your athletic performance leveled off?
Do you find yourself doing the same ‘ole same ‘ole workout?
Or worse yet, are you even unaware of how you are doing, good or bad, or if you are making the progress toward your personal goals?
Maybe you are working-out on a consistent basis, but you’re simply going through the motions […]

The Faces of Motivation For Personal Success – Part IV

Welcome back to this series on motivation.  Over the past few weeks we’ve been taking a look at the many aspects, or faces, of motivation and how you can use it to reach your personal goals and personal success.
We left off with Part III with goal system approach.  Today we’ll discuss:
Attribution and Achievement Goal Perspective’s […]