Mental Strength Habits Of A Purpose Focused Man – Part III

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Welcome back! Or if this is your first time…welcome! purposed driven life

I’m writing a series on “The 21 Mental Strength Habits of a Purposed Focused Man.”  Each week I’m taking on habit and investing it and show how it plays a role in living a life on purpose.

I’m taking the perspective that with men there really is no “mid-life crisis”…well generally speaking.

What I believe a “mid-life crisis” is about, is a lack of focus and purpose.  At some point (around age 35) we begin to experience the illusion of “success” and start to question why are we doing “this?”

This basically is a loss of our sense of purpose. And when we forget our purpose, we lose our focus.  When we lose our focus we feel lost.  What the “mid-life crises” is, men attempting to find themselves and their purpose through unproductive behaviors.

In Mental Strength Habits Of A Purpose Focused Man – Part II we looked at the first mental habit of a purpose focused man, Sensory Life Vision.  Today we’ll continue with the next mental strength habit of Disciplined Mental Application.

The main point of these posts and my private intensive, The 2nd Passage, is to help men realize their purpose, vision and mission in life and assist them in articulating them so that they can live a purposed driven life.

Once they find and find “themselves” they can live a life of power, purpose, passion and perseverance!

I hope that through this series of posts and The 2nd Passage, I will help men who, admittedly or not, are experiencing a “mid-life emptiness” guide them back to manhood and step back into their masculinity.

So…now let’s continue with the first category, “Mental Habits”, of a highly focused purpose driven man

The second habit of purposed focused man is:

Disciplined Mental Application – This is Law of the Harvest, i.e. hard work

Purpose Focused Man

  • Mental strength to go after your vision with super intensity.
  • To sustain a period of long hard work without receiving any immediate reward.
  • Do what ever it takes to create their vision.
  • With faith they see their life vision getting closer with each hour, day, month and perhaps year.
  • Anything worth while will involve long hard work.
  • Pursuit of goal with absolute excellence.
  • Vision in action.

What this mental strength habit is about is embracing hard work and knowing that your purpose, vision and mission is worth it!

The purposed focused man is living a life with passion, power and perseverance and knows that nothing will stand in his way to achieving his vision.  He puts in the effort day after day knowing in the long run he’s going to be able to enjoy the fruits of his labor.

He works hard and smart now so that he can enjoy a rich and fulfilling life later.   He is an active participant in the creation of his life.

He takes action and lots of it!

Unfocused Man

  • Average effort – The highways of life a littered with those that put in an average effort.
  • Looking for the easy way out.
  • Wants the instant fix
  • Gives up when work when effort gets hard, especially when they hit their first obstacle
  • No persistence.
  • Procrastination.
  • What’s the minimum I can do?
  • Copies others.
  • Wants the end results with the little effort.
  • Settles for second best.

A man without focus looks for the easiest way to “survive.”  What’s the smallest amount of effort I can give and still get by?

He even goes so far as to copy others to try to short cut his “success.”  This is not “modeling”, this is taking what someone else has created and use it for his own advancement.

He’ll wish for ship to come in and he won’t even buy a ticket to get on board.  The only ticket he buys is the lottery ticket.

If he happens to start to take action and steps on his road to success, a man not living a purposed focused life with quite as soon as he hits an obstacle or the going gets tough.

He see’s the price to pay not worth the reward.

An unfocused man will come home and watch the success of other on TV.  He’s a spectator in his own life.

Self Assessment

So looking at the characteristic of this mental strength behavior, take this quick survey and see how well you’re doing… and please have the courage to be honest with yourself.

Disciplined Mental Application:

The habit of sustaining a long, hard work effort toward a desired end without receiving immediate results. The ability to see a worthwhile goal through to completion. The patience to build a foundation of success, step-by-step, with giving up because it seems like too much effort.

1                            2                            3                            4                            5

Never                  Seldom               Sometimes        Often                   Always

OK guys…if the first two posts didn’t get to you, I hope this one did!

If this post has raised some questions, consider investing in yourself, your vision and your life.  Take a look at The 2nd Passage for a way to put your power, passion and purpose into action and life a purposed driven life

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