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Sales Consultant and Sales Coaching For Peak Sales Performance

The Sales Consultant and Sales Coaching TruthSales Consultant

Current and practical research, combined with more than 35 years of realistic experience, has confirmed and emphasized the fact that greater self-awareness leads to greater career success.  This factor is especially true for sales professionals and top performers.

No person is perfectly suited for his or her occupational role.  Instead, every person demonstrates personal GIFTS and LIMITS relative to the activities that make up their job

The intention of the Warrior Sales Coach is to assist the sales person and/or their management in gaining a clear perspective of the salesperson gifts and limits and assisting them to leverage their strengths and reduce their limits.

The Sales Coaching Process

Once a salesperson strengths and limits are identified, the individual creates, with the assistance of the sales coach, an action plan to help drive the individual’s developmental progress forward.

Sales coaching efforts are rarely captured, recorded and acted on in most sales organizations. Yet according to leading sales performance management research firms such as Ventana Research, The Sales Executive Council (SEC) and Gartner, consistent and effective sales coaching can increase sales productivity up to 20%

Warrior Sale Consultant and Coaching is a 5 Part Process

  1. Establish Current Mind Set – This is accomplished using a propriety assessment profile based on the latest data derived from evaluating over 15,000 elite sales performers that represent the top 5% in their respective industries.  The development report is intended to be a looking glass that reflects the salesperson style of relating with others as they work toward their sales goals.  The goal of the report is to reflect to the salesperson how they report themselves on a personality questionnaire and in comparison to other highly successful salespersons.
  2. Review The Results – The sales coach will discuss the results with the individual, receive and provide feedback.
  3. Establish An Action Plan – Along with the sales coach, the salesperson will create an accountability action plan.  The accountability for the plan is with both the sales coach and the individual; it will be the responsibility for the salesperson to execute the plan, with the guidance of the sales coach.
  4. Coach The Process – During the entire process the sales coach will be there to assist the salesperson with reflections, observations and feedback.
  5. Review The Results – Once the plan has been executed to the agreement of the sales coach and individual, a progress review takes place.  The review will look at, among other items; the sales results, the individuals behavior and if need be, another assessment profile to document the progress.

The Warrior Sales Consultant and Coaching solution was designed to expose and leverage the most important attribute that a salesperson has…their thoughts!  Warrior Sales Consultant and Coaching delivers a unique coaching process that can be easily adapted to for large organizations as well as individual salespeople.

Warrior Sales Consultant and Coaching is not specifically sales training, it is a unique solution that promotes the consistent execution of coaching and provides the ability to capture and evaluate the salespersons performance based upon established matrix from elite sales performers.

Some of the Benefits for Utilizing Warrior Sales Coaching

  • Increase sales productivity up to 20%
  • Retention of sales personal can increase up to 90%
  • Increase in mangers performance
  • Increase in customer retention
  • Decrease in sales expense

For more information on the benefits of coaching please review this White Paper from the Harvard Business Review, “What Does Coaching Have to Offer”

Again, Warrior Sales Consultant Coaching also includes sales techniques and training.  We can however provide feedback and insight on these issues.  It has been our experience that coaching is one of the most critical factors for sales people.  Of course the salesperson must know their product line and have had sales training.   Effective sales coaching can take a good sales person and make them great and it can take a great sales person and make them elite!

Warrior Sales Consultant and Coaching can be utilized by

  • Small business
  • Medium business
  • Sales Management
  • Individual salespeople
  • Entrepreneurs
  • Solopreneurs

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