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Do You Know The Number One Reason Why People Fail?

In my experience the basic ideas are easier to understand, and when as person understands them they can implement them faster.

To this point, there are four basic or key components for “success” (how ever you define success.) They are:

  • Vision
  • Strategy
  • Tactics
  • Mindset


Your personal vision statement guides your life; it provides the direction necessary to direct the course of your days and the choices you make about your career, relationships, you health…all aspects of your life.

Your personal vision statement is the light shining in the darkness toward which you turn to find your way. Your personal vision statement illuminates your way; it’s at the core of your personal empowerment.

Knowing your personal vision statement is the first step in focusing your life – for your joy, accomplishments, contribution…and for your legacy.


Your strategy is the “big picture” of what you’d like to accomplish. What you are going to do to achieve your vision. This is your personal performance.

Your strategy is one or more large-scale plans that you will use to achieve your vision. A strategy looks inwards, but it also looks outward at your environment, your strength’s, weakness, the resources you have and the resources needed. Your strategy must determine how you will become the person you want to be. Your strategy must consider all issues and find solutions that work and that are in alignment your vision.


Your tactics are how you will achieve your strategies and when.

Your tactics are the specific actions, sequences of actions, and schedules you will use to fulfill your strategy. If you have more than one strategy you will have different tactics for each. This is your peak performance.


You mindset determines your success or failure of your tactics and is the catalyst for implementing the tactics. This is your warrior mindset….your mental training for peak performance.

With the proper mindset you will not execute your tactics. If you don’t execute your tactics you will not accomplish your strategies. If you don’t accomplish your strategies you will not fulfill your vision. If you don’t fulfill your vision you will have lived an empty life.

So what is the relationship between mindset and success?

In a word…everything!

Here are the four characteristics of a warrior mindset:

  • Knowing What You Want
  • Committing Yourself to Your Goal
  • Taking Courageous Action
  • Determination to Finish What You Start

That’s it!

Simple right?



Not so much.

Let’s take a closer look at these points:

1 – Knowing What You Want: Many people can’t get pass this one. They THINK they know what they want, but as soon as they hit a little resistance…BAMB! They’re blown out of the water. Seth Godin in his book “The Dip” goes over the phenomenon in detail. Basically the book talks about that sooner or latter we will all come into a dip. Things just aren’t going to go as planed. It’s at this time that the most people bail. Seth discusses the importance of evaluating the worthiness of your goal. I won’t go into the details here…pick up the book if you want to find out more.

2 – Committing Yourself to Your Goal: This point of failure is linked directly to “knowing what you want.” The reason most people won’t commit to their goal is they really don’t know what it is and if they really want it. Let’s face it, if you approach a goal with the attitude “it would be nice to achieve this” are you really committed? If not, why waist your time going after it!?

3 – Taking Courageous Action: Notice I didn’t say timid action…I said courageous action. This meas being bold, taking risk, putting yourself out there for the entire world to see. Sure ANY action is better then no action. If you’ve got points 1 and 2 secure, you may want to take a long hard look at this one. Nothing happens without action…period! Oh sure, I can hear the followers of “The Law of Attraction” pooh-poohing this one. Believe me, I’m a big believer of the LOA when it is used in conjunction with action. There are way too many couch creators taking about the LOA, but refuse to look at their results. Results are directly proportional to a persons vibration AND their action….no action, no results. Timid action = timid results. Courageous action = spectacular results!

4 – Determination to Finish What You Start: This by far is probably the toughest to work through. With the emphasis today on multi-tasking and the “next best thing” right around the corner many people become distracted. If they don’t become distracted, as soon as they hit a wall or a dip they’ll look for an easier way. This point is also closely tied to point #1 – “knowing what you want.” If you truly, deeply know exactly what you want you will find the determination to finish what you start.

So, how does all this fit into my statement about “The Number One Reason Why People Fail and How I Can Help You?”

I’ve given the four key components for success and talked about the four characteristics of a strong mindset. And yet I haven’t given a single solitary point that absolutely points to the reason why people fail…or have I?

If you’ve been paying attention you’ll see that there is a common thread through ALL the points mentioned above.

Want to know what it is?


Yup…you’re the main reason for your success or lack there of. I know this can sound pretty harsh…but it’s true.

OK…so I might have been a little tough. It’s not YOU as the person; it’s YOU as the thinker. This is why mental strength coaching and training is so critical…especially these days!

Mental strength coaching and training will help you:

  • Find your vision
  • Develop your strategy
  • Create a tactical action plan

Mental strength coaching and training will also help you develop the four characteristics of a warrior mindset in many areas of your life including:

  • Sales Performance
  • Athletic Performance
  • Fitness Performance
  • Spiritual Quests
  • Personal Development

If any of the above resonated with you rest assured you’re not alone…and I can help you!

Use the “contact me” form and let know what’s going on. Then we can set-up a time to talk further and see where we go from there.

Remember “If you always do what you’ve always done…you’ll always get what you’ve always got.”