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Sports Performance Coaching – Developing a Champion Mindset

Mental Training for an Athlete’s Performancesports performance

The ability for an athlete to control their mental and emotional elements, critique task performances as well as creating a mindset for confidence and well-being is paramount for athlete’s performance.

When an athlete feels they have a degree of self-mastery with their mind-body connecting, this serves to motivate them in continued efforts in to increase their sports performance.

However, when the ability of the athlete to control their psychological state is in question due to a “slump”, injury or personal issues, there is a risk of a decrease in self-confidence, well-being and future sports performance.

Stop the Sports Performance Struggle

For decades, coaches have struggled and searched for methods of mental training to help their athlete’s in sports confidence, mental strength and peak sports performance. However, in today’s world of sports, coaches and athletes don’t have to struggle anymore; they just need to be open to possibilities.

Like any form of training, methods to develop individualized mental skills training need time, and distinct and definite goals. Also, time set aside for mental skills practice, and the belief in the methods employed, require a certain level of motivation, even more so, than physical based training that has quantifiable results from the beginning and can be assessed and measured with regularity.

Mental strength skills coaching and training for an athlete’s performance takes a certain degree of patience and trust in that the results may not come immediately and instantly, and are often qualitative and difficult to separate from significant increases in physiological performance.

Mental training for peak sports performance has become an essential part in building sports and athletic confidence. Athletes from around the world and in every sport at every level are enjoying the benefits of peak performance coaching and training.

Mental training is in used in conjunction with traditional physical conditioning, as such, more games are being won and more records are being broken as seen during the 2008 Summer Olympic Games and the 2010 Winter Olympics.

Sports performance coaching provides athletes with a competitive edge. For instance, at the high school level, athletes become mentally groomed and prepared for collegiate sports. They learn skills and techniques that benefit them in many positive and beneficial ways for the rest of their lives.

Just as doing “wind sprints” helps improve an athlete’s cardio endurance, mental strength training helps improve and athlete’s mental and emotional endurance.

Sports mental training provides athletes with the tools they need to improve concentration and focus.  To avoid distractions, deal with constantly changing arousal levels.  This in turn will increase the athlete’s confidence, attitude and improve team dynamics as well as intra-team cohesion.

Mental coaching and training for peak sports performance helps an athlete set and achieve their personal goals. It will help athletes free themselves from negative, self-limiting and self-defeating beliefs and thoughts they have been holding them back from reaching their peak performance.

How Can You Find The Path Towards The Top 1%!

Being at the top, tasting the sweetness of the 1st place is challenging. Maintaining the champion status is even more challenging. How are the top 1% of athletes able to become so consistent in their performance?

Many of them will describe it as the combination of determination, discipline, and an intense desire to win, i.e. a winning attitude.

Mario Andretti, the Italian born race driver said “Desire is the key to motivation, but its determination and commitment to an unrelenting pursuit of your goal – a commitment to excellence – that will enable you to attain the success you seek.”

The bottom line the top athletes hire coaches to succeed!

Not just a skills coach…but a mind coach as well.

Here are some questions most aspiring athletes will ask themselves at one time or another:

  • How can I make sure that I maximize the success rate of my “best-shot”?
  • What is the best strategy to keep up a positive mental picture throughout the game?
  • How can I visualize the game, before it is played, and get the results I want?
  • How can I “model” someone’s strategy and test it quickly myself?
  • How can I better teach my body a new technique and learn them well?
  • How can I become aware of my thoughts when I am exposed to challenges?

Mental strength coaching for peak sports performance will answer all of them plus more!

It will also teach the athlete how to recognize the flow state and move into “the zone” during practice, play and competition as well helping in:

  • Awareness Management Self Awareness
  • Motivation
  • Energy Management Relaxation
  • Activation
  • Thought Management Confidence
  • Concentration
  • Winning Attitude
  • Relationship Management Group Dynamics
  • Application Management Transfer to Sport
  • Transfers to Life

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