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Good Mental Strength – Why It’s So Important For Performance

These days, most people already know that there is a very clear link between mental strength and performance. good mental strengthNumerous studies have proven this to be true, regardless of whether we are talking about performance in the workplace; performance at school or university, or performance in sport.

Why is mental strength important in the workplace? It is important because it allows people to be more productive; more efficient, and more conscientious of the work they are doing. In education, good mental strength has a direct impact on educational achievements at all levels of education. In fact, mental strength accounts for roughly 25% of the variation of someone’s performance during tests and exams.

Studies have demonstrated that the same phenomena can be seen collectively, even when looking at groups of people or even large organizations. However, the benefits of mental strength don’t end with performance alone.

The Importance of Good Mental Strength

1. Displaying Positive Behavioral Patters

People with good mental strength are far more likely to demonstrate positive behavior. They develop positive traits and a positive outlook on life. Instead of walking away from a problem, they are more likely to confront it and deal with it in a positive manner.

2. Mental Strength and Personal Wellbeing

People with good mental strength almost always get to enjoy a greater sense of wellbeing, and this brings several other benefits with it, including the following:

  • They are less likely to take days off from work or from school
  • They’re more able to handle bad days, and/or to deal with adversity
  • They are less likely to get caught up in bullying
  • They recover from setback a lot quicker because they know how to put things into perspective
  • They tend to enjoy better sleep, which in turns helps them to function better

3. Greater Aspirations

Studies have repeatedly shown a link between mental strength and personal aspirations. People with good mental strength tend to be more ambitious than those who lack mental strength. They aspire to be better than they currently are; they want promotions and they know they can get them, providing they put in the necessary effort.

4. Mental Strength and Employment

There is a clear link between mental strength and the ability to not only find a job but also to keep a job. Something very similar can be seen in institutions that offer higher education. Those students who have good mental strength are far more likely to get good grades and to complete their studies, whereas those lacking in mental strength are far more likely to drop out along the way.

5. Other Aspects to Consider

Mental strength is something which can be developed, as can psychological and emotional resilience. Virtually anyone can develop these skills, and they will be an invaluable asset throughout a person’s life, and in more ways than one.

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