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Meet Gregg Swanson

Meet Gregg Swanson

Your Mental Strength Coach

 Inspired by Richard Machowicz…when you are faced with a challenging choice or decision Gregg Swanson asks you three things:

  •  “Are you prepared to make a choice?”
  • “Once the choice is made, are you courageous enough to start?
  • “Will you commit to finishing what you start?”

With those questions answered, you will find Gregg firmly in your corner. His areas of expertise in coaching are mental strength, fitness, abundance and sales/marketing. Gregg enjoys coaching individuals (especially men over 40), couples and groups.

Gregg is a Professional and Certified Mental Strength Coach and Personal Fitness Trainer. He owns Warrior Mind Coaching and Training along with Warrior Fitness Coaching and Training. His high quality, high content programs are thoroughly researched and delivered in a unique, energetic and powerful straightforward manner.

As a mental strength coach, fitness trainer and marketing consultant, Gregg specializes in the following areas:

Top Performers and Leaders and those that a have deep burning desire to become one:

  • Business Owners
  • Athletes
  • Executives
  • Sales Professionals
  • Trainers

No stranger to high performance himself, prior to becoming a professional mental strength coach Gregg established himself as an industry recognized top performer with over 30 years of very successful executive, high-tech and telecommunications sales. He also has extensive experience as a business leader, motivator and marketing guru.

Gregg’s formal training as a Certified Mental Strength Coach is from the International Coach Academy. He is also certified from NESTA (The National Exercise & Sports Trainers Association) as a Mental Skills Coach and Life Strategies Coach.

His Personal Fitness Training certificates are from NESTA and ISSA (The International Sports Science Association). Gregg is also a certified Guerrilla Marketing Coach and Firewalking Facilitator.

Gregg’s Unique Approach Incorporates Several Roles in the Coaching Relationship

Warrior: A warrior is one who conquers oneself. We will work together to uncover and conquer any limiting and disempowering beliefs so that you can accomplish your goals and dreams. I will challenge you to step out of your comfort zone. Take some risks with yourself and push to be bold. As a warrior you will be 100% accountable for your own change, results and success. I will be 100% accountable to supporting you in your journey

Confidant: I will listen to you. I will hear what are saying, how you say it and the energy carrying your words. I will also hear what you aren’t saying. I will encourage and motivate you. However, I emphasize listening. You will do most of the talking.

Shaman: I will help you see things from a different perspective. I will help you develop and stabilize the priorities for your life based upon your discovery of what you value.

Wizard: Curiosity and direct power-filled questions are critical in helping you find your own way, to get to the heart of and unlock your passions. I will then push you to dream and dream big! We will enlarge your vision to unlimited possibilities – then manifest them!

His passions range from fitness and exploring to learning and coaching. Gregg has climbed various mountains throughout the Western United States and Mexico. In June of 1998 Gregg survived a horrific avalanche while descending from the top of Mt. Rainier, an event that changed his life and brought new urgency to his work of helping others develop the mental strength to deal with the challenges in their own lives.


  • Professional Personal Coach – International Coach Academy
  • NLP Practitioner – Kona University
  • Time Empowerment ® – Kona University
  • Mental Skills Coach NESTA (The National Exercise & Sports Trainers Association)
  • Life Strategies Coach – NESTA
  • Personal Fitness Trainer – NESTA
  • MMA Conditioning Coach – MMACA (Mixed Martial Arts Conditioning Association)
  • Lifestyle Fitness Coach – NESTA
  • Clinical Hypnotherapist – Kona University
  • Personal Fitness Trainer – ISSA (The International Sports Science Association)
  • Guerrilla Marketing Coach – GMA (The Guerrilla Marketing Association)
  • Firewalking Facilitator – FIRE (Firewalking Institute of Research and Education)

Professional Affiliation

  • International Coach Federation
  • Association for Integrative Psychology
  • Foundation for Shamanic Studies

Prefer to find a local coach or personal trainer?  Check out my Warrior Mind Coach page on Thumbtack

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