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Performance And The Connection To Mental Strength

No one should be too surprised to learn that Mental Strength is closely linked to performance at work, in theperformance classroom or in the field of athletics. For instance, the research shows that this factor can influence performance in tests by as much as 25%.

There are a few reasons why this may be the case. It could be that people who are mentally strong will read through each question on a test and decide how to answer before they write anything down. People who are mentally sensitive, by contrast, may quickly write down short answers to each question and move on – sometimes failing to really address the question at hand. The goal then, is to increase mental strength for higher performance academically and in every other area of life.

Mental Strength and Performance

People who are mentally strong also tend to perform better in the workplace. Their Mental Strength seems to help them to set and achieve goals and other performance benchmarks. These individuals are eager to accept a challenge, confidently face adversity and have a more clearly defined sense of their capabilities than do others.

A variety of studies performed across economic sectors have led researchers to the same conclusions. A Scottish study performed in 2011 revealed that Mental Strength, as measured using the MTQ48, was closely related to how productive new graduates were in their first post-collegiate jobs.

Being mentally strong (or not) was a critical factor even for those graduates whose skills and knowledge were beyond reproach. Across the board, graduates with below average interpersonal confidence scores were less likely to communicate their knowledge and capabilities to others, leaving their talents inaccessible to employers.

Interestingly enough, it wasn’t just the Mental Strength of the employees themselves that mattered. The makeup of management also made a difference to productivity of their employees. It stands to reason that managers who lack the confidence to ask new hires to tell them about their skills may fail to tap into these capabilities.

People who are mentally strong tend to do well in workplaces where management and employees alike strive for measurable goals; many of these people do well in sales, for example. It’s natural for these individuals to see meeting goals at work as a measure of their own success.

This outlook extends to the classroom as well. People with a higher degree of Mental Strength tend to produce higher quality coursework. Again, there are a few different reasons why this might happen. The most important of these is that mentally strong people tend to be better at time management and prioritizing tasks. The goal focused nature of these individuals is another: these are, by and large, people whose aim is to produce the best work every time.

The more Mental Strength someone has, the more likely these organizational traits are to be dominant – and the more likely they are to become high achievers. People with more mental strength will generally take on more challenging work (and more of it) than others.

As you may have noticed, those who are mentally strong seem to have a strong competitive streak in their personalities. What this means is that they will approach many tasks, whether at work, school or anywhere else, as a competitive endeavor, working to be the absolute best at whatever they do. These are qualities which can serve graduates first entering the labor market well. The mentally strong will use their competitive nature to present themselves in the best light, putting in more work on their CV and approaching interviews with confidence. They’ll also display more persistence than will those with an average or below average level of Mental Strength, doggedly pursuing their chosen career path.

Key Takeaways:

  • Mental Strength can account for as much as 25% of an individual’s performance
  • People who are mentally strong thrive under deadlines and at meeting goals
  • Mentally strong people tend to achieve more, both academically and professionally
  • Mental strength is linked with a more positive attitude towards challenge and adversity, as well as higher levels of confidence and self-esteem.

The MTQ48 is the perfect tool to begin your personal exploration of Mental Strength.  Go HERE to take the MTQ48 today.