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Goal Setting and Goal Getting

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I’ve had many requests for a complete goal setting AND goal getting workbook.  Well here it is!  Best of all it’s only $1.99 :-)

Just click on the cover to order your copy of Goal Setting and Goal Getting!

Table Of ContentsGoal setting goal getting

Why Set Goals?

Mental Strength Tips For Successful Living.

Rocking Chair Exercise.

Identify Your Vision.

Identify Your Path.

Writing Out Your Mission.

Write Out Your Goals and Objectives.

An Eight Point Review.

GREAT Goals Are.


Weekly Success Journal.



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Faith or Fear, It’s Your Choice

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Are you free or in bondage?  faith

Imagine living in a world where you are completely free. Free from worries, barriers, financial restraint, anxiety, tension, any and all hurdles. Furthermore, when you have a dream or a desire, you are able to move forward; strategize and implement and execute the plan.

While moving forward, all of your underlying beliefs align with your values. You have the freedom to live, move, and have your being. In time, because of this freedom, you experience life through all the ups and downs, but continue to move forward and accomplish your purpose.

Are you experiencing this freedom in your life?


Faith is described as trust or a belief in which is unseen. It is trust that something is true, whether the circumstances around you prove to be trying. A person of faith would view all circumstances as them “growing through” and not “going through” something.   Faith is the assurance that without having evidence that something is true.

Living a life of faith is the equivalent of being free and having the courage to move forward.

Often people that have faith talk about the joy, peace, and serenity of accepting “what is” at this moment. Having faith means having courage to confront the fear when it arises.

So how would one obtain or have faith? It is not something that you can purchase or borrow from a friend.

However, it is something that can be exercised or practiced and the “faith muscle” gets stronger; so called obstacles seem to get smaller if not can be perceive as non-existent. We will focus on some of those exercises a little later.

  • What is your biggest fear?
  • What do you hide or run from?
  • How can I obtain faith?

Let’s first define fear and how it could keep one in bondage.

Fear is a distressing emotion aroused by the “perception” of impending danger, evil, pain; whether the threat is real or imaged; the feeling or condition of being afraid; great concern or anxiety.

Anxiety is one of the most common symptoms of fear. It is followed by feelings of stress and worry and sometimes nervousness as a result of a perceived challenging situation. Stress from anxiety can affect the immune system leading to illness.

 Other symptoms include headaches, blurred vision, sweating, fainting, physical fatigue, chest pains, muscle spasms, feeling alone, feeling lost, lack of motivation, perfectionist tendencies, pervasive thoughts of being worried, sleepless nights, and being mentally detached. These symptoms prevent anyone from experiencing peace to move ahead.

 Living a life in fear and not moving forward is equivalent to living on bondage. In cases where individuals have a diagnosis of Anxiety Disorder or any other Mental Heath diagnosis or if someone perceives that they need more support, they should be referred to a licensed professional. In other cases, simple exercises could assist individuals in moving forward.

Through situations in life, people become weary, experience tension and anxiety. People focus on the situations around them with look bleak and believe that their purpose is bleak, during the coaching session, the client’s underlying beliefs should be explored and in time the client will gain awareness regarding the “fear.” Exercises may include the following:

Meditation: Simple breathing exercises assist in bringing you into a safe space where you can experience freedom.   During meditation focusing on “your breath” it is IMPOSSIBLE to experience anxiety. When you focus on the breath, you are focused on the breath, you cannot “think.”

Simply breathe in and out with your eyes closed for awhile. In that moment you’ll experience peace and freedom. You are brought into the present moment. In the present moment, there is no fear; there are no worries. It is only when you look in the past or thoughts about the future that you may experience anxiety.

Visualization: Imagine yourself without fear, barriers, or restraint. Contemplate who you are and what you would like to do. Describe yourself and the environment you live in, and the people you’re surrounded by. Part 2 of this exercise is to complete a vision board according to this vision and post it where they can see it daily.

Gratitude: Gratitude is a state of being a way of life. One who is thankful in all things wears a lens where you see the value in everything and are thankful. People who live a life of gratitude focus on everything not just themselves. It is impossible to be self-conscious or angry when you are in a state of gratitude.

Write down things that you are thankful for; it could be our health, breath, and or activity of your limbs, now meditate on those things that you are thankful for. Everyone has something to be thankful for in this very moment. Notice how your energy shifts when you are in a space of thanksgiving. Also, practice this thanksgiving exercise when you get upset, are anxious, or get depressed, it can be your best weapon when you are distressed

As you continue to meditate and are brought to the consciousness of peace, you will experience freedom more and more. It is important to practice meditation, visualization, and/or gratitude or other techniques to bring you into the present.

At this time, fear decreases and at times subsides. You will begin to increase your faith regardless of circumstances around you and begin to move forward.

So, are you free or in bondage?


What are some ways to bring a client who is experiencing fear into a calming peaceful space?

What makes you fearful and how do you move forward?

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