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Illusions And Beliefs And How They Are Connected

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“People, like all forms of life, only change when something so disturbs them that they are forced to let go of their present beliefs. Nothing illusionschanges until we interpret things differently. Change occurs only when we let go of our certainty.” – Dee Hock

Illusions are False Beliefs

They are notions and ideas that we have inherited from our culture, our families, and almost every institution with which we’ve been associated. Illusions take up residence in our minds because we receive them, for the most part, when we are young, impressionable, trusting, and open to the ideas being handed down to us. They are part of our social conditioning, but they do not serve us.

Illusions are, in fact, the only cause of our unhappiness. To be a Thought Warrior in any arena, we need to be free and original thinkers, capable of focusing on how we are thinking as well as what we are thinking.

The Indian philosopher Sri Aurobindo said, “In order to see, you have to stop being in the middle of the picture.” This means we have to step outside of ourselves, put some distance between ourselves and our thoughts, so we can assess their heritage and test them for authenticity.

Because the consciousness of a Thought Warrior has a tremendous impact on the consciousness of the organization, every Thought Warrior must do the deep and personal work of clarifying their own thoughts, so that when we speak, every word has a ring of clarity, every statement has a purpose and air of authenticity.

This requires a looking inward that both grounds and balances our outward actions. When we look within and mine our own experience for feelings that not only mesh with our message, but are actually the source of the message, then the delivery itself carries an integrity of authorship that is convincing, compassionate, and compelling.

When we manage to rid ourselves of inherited voices and speak from the heart, our very speaking is a force that can change minds, lives, and the direction of any community to which we belong.

 Freeing ourselves from illusion may seem like an esoteric concept that has nothing to do with personal success, leadership and being a warrior, but that’s because one of the biggest illusions we suffer from is the notion that what goes on inside us has little to do with who we are on the outside.

We’ve become so good at compartmentalizing our lives that we think our corporate selves are distinct from our private selves, that who we are on the golf course has nothing to do with who we are at home, or that the persona we project in the board room ought to be different from the persona we project in the family room.

Anthony De Mello, a Jesuit priest, psychotherapist, and retreat director, taught that all our negative emotions are caused by illusions that we allow to obstruct our thinking. If we’re sad or angry, it’s because there is some underlying illusion preempting our natural state of joy. He says: “When the eye is unobstructed, the result is seeing; when the ear is unobstructed, the result is hearing; when the palate is unobstructed, the result is tasting. When the mind is unobstructed, the result is wisdom and happiness. Drop your attachments and you will be free. Understand your illusions and they will drop.”

It is awareness, not effort, which dissolves the illusions. When we experience an upset, if we look to see what underlying belief or attachment is behind it, we can begin to see what illusions have us in their grip. If I make the mistake of thinking someone else is responsible for my happiness, I’ll discover this when I back up and begin to explore my negative feelings about their behavior.

Why am I upset?

Because they didn’t do so-and-so.

Why should he have done so-and-so?

Because it would have made me happy, and they’re responsible for my happiness.

That is my illusion.

To be a Thought Warrior, an original thinker, we have to move and think and speak from our own personal knowing. Our power comes from our ability to transform what we have felt into what we know. It’s an alchemy of sorts, where we acquire the skill of transforming the lead of our experience into the gold of our wisdom.

Each of us knows what no one else knows because no one else has lived our lives, seen what we’ve seen, felt what we’ve felt. The great Persian poet Rumi writes, “The throbbing vein will take you further than any thinking.” This is a great clue.

Who are the speakers who have really inspired you?

Who are the ones who have changed your thinking, altered the course of your own life?

Are they not the ones who speak and write from the heart?

Are they not the ones who stand before you, not with notes and memorized speeches, but with the courage to be simply who they are, to share their visions, their struggles, their fears?

This is the stuff of being a Thought Warrior – this transparency, this risking, this willingness to say it’s a new frontier here, and not one of us has a map, but with what we know together, we can surely make it.

“As leaders we must help people move into a relationship with uncertainty and chaos.” – Margaret Wheatley

Start to become a Thought Warrior and request your Introductory Consultation today.

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Fear, Worry and Doubt: Warrior Mind Podcast #202

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This Warrior Mind Podcast is based on the post “Worries and Fears and Doubt – Oh My!”   fear

The purpose of this Warrior Mind Podcast is to teach you how to not give in into your programing of worry, fear and doubt.

If you’re like most people, you just want to feel happier with your life. So what’s holding you back? What is it that is getting in the way of you enjoying your life right now?

In this article, we’re going to focus on an essential happiness principle — and it’s almost certainly the one that is holding you back from the more exhilarating and joyful life you deserve.

Fear, Doubt and Worry Are All In Your Head

We live in a society that is preoccupied with all of the things that can go wrong in our lives. It dominates the news, water cooler conversations, television, radio … everything. As a result, it also tends to dominate your thinking.

What’s the result?


You’re taught to be fearful of your financial future. You’re taught to be fearful of your safety. You’re taught to be fearful of your health.

This creates a tremendous psychological burden to carry. How can you possibly feel happy about your life when you constantly carry around fearful thoughts about your future?

You can’t.

And the fear spills over into constant self-doubt and worry. The result is you become paralyzed, unable to think clearly and unable to take any confident action that might help you break free from your present gloom and doom.

Enjoy This Warrior Mind Podcast on Fear, Worry and Doubt.

As you follow the yellow brick road of your mind you’re going to come face to face with them…worries, fears and doubt – oh my!

This trifecta of disempowering beliefs can stop you dead in your tracks. There you were, going along just fine and bamm! They hit you like a ton of bricks. These little bastards can inflict havoc on your mind and your feeling of self-empowerment.

One day you’re fine and the next these menacing thoughts decide to sneak inside your mind, pull up a chair and have a party.

And, they weren’t even invited!

They will destroy your day. They’ll add more stress and anxiety (as if you don’t have enough already), cause you to question what you are doing and why and they basically rained on your parade. They ignore the “Do Not Disturb” sign, bust in and trash your mental property.

So how the heck do you evict these vermin from your mind?

You need to call in the M.S.A – Mental Strength Avengers; they are Truth, Faith and Belief, oh yea, in case these fail you got the “big guy” Love to the rescue.

When these limiting beliefs of fear, worry and doubt show up you remember the truth of who you really are, have faith that you will move beyond this senseless mind chatter and believe that you are greater than these tiny thoughts, and love this process that helps you build your mental strength and self-empowerment.

You use the M.S.A and vanquish these disempowering thoughts from your mind. Otherwise, you will be imprisoned as they run rampant in your head with no way of catching them. The reality is this; you allowed them to sneak in because you let the watch guard take a vacation.

Doubts, worries and fears have no more power than what you give them. And you feed them by acknowledging them, listening to them and letting them take over without putting up a fight. You own your mind and when something chooses to impinge on your happiness you have every right to knock it out.

These intruders don’t have a chance against truth, faith, belief and love. Invite them into your world and they will set you on the right path and protect you from sabotaging your peace of mind and harmony.

It’s all about what you allow in and what you keep out.

When you are focused on the fear of something happening or not happening – you ignore faith. When you worry that what you don’t want to happen will, you push the truth away. And, when you doubt that you will ever have what you want, you kick belief to the side of the curb.

Look, we all have doubts, fears and worries that knock on our door from time to time but it’s up to you whether you choose to let them in or not. Let me ask you, when you’re at one of the awesome buffets in Vegas do you focus on what you don’t want to eat? Or, do you look at all the yummy things you are going have?

It’s the same with your limiting thoughts and beliefs. If you focus on them, you will have a brain full of them causing you to be sick and tired. Instead fill your mind with truth, faith, believe and love and know that these call come from your Higher Self. And this Source Energy has your back, will provide you with exactly what you need.

If you choose to live in fear, have doubts and worry all the time there is no room for the goodness that is knocking at your door.

So who are you inviting to your party?

Start inviting the right thoughts to your mental party by picking up a copy of Develop the Mental Strength of a Warrior today!

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